I’m starting this week with a very simple photo, from an outing a few weeks ago to photograph the full moon rising from Tigné point, Sliema. Just before packing up, with the 1.4x teleconverter still fitted on the 150-600mm lens, I pointed the camera in the direction of the moon itself. I also enabled the 1.6x crop factor on the camera itself (intended to allow … Continue reading Luna

Moonrise Over Breakwater Lighthouse

Last week I spent some time editing the photos from the photography session down in Sliema earlier this month. The whole idea behind the session was to photograph the full moon rising behind the Grand Harbour breakwater and its lighthouse. I have a series of photos of this event, starting from just after sunset, until well into nautical twilight. My favourite photos were the ones … Continue reading Moonrise Over Breakwater Lighthouse

Moonrise Over Delimara Lighthouses

A very pleasant highlight last week involved Wednesday’s full moon, which also happened to be at perigee this month. This event had been popping up on my news feeds recently, so I checked out the conditions on my usual photography and astronomy planning apps. Seeing that the conditions were rather ideal, and the weather being what it is this time of year, I figured we’d … Continue reading Moonrise Over Delimara Lighthouses


It’s getting to a point where the recent photos I’m sharing are not too far removed from the throwback ones. Mostly, of course, this is due to the inevitable fact that I tend to shoot much less over summer. And with the situation as it is, I haven’t been travelling either. Well, perhaps the former is not entirely true, but the photos I’ve taken recently … Continue reading Luna


I’ve been wanting to share this photo for some time, but never seem to get around to it. After getting myself the long telephoto lens last year, I thought it would be a good exercise to experiment with photos of the moon. For one thing, it’s a pretty subject, any time. It also has enough brightness to work well without having to crank up the … Continue reading Luna