I thought I’d start this week with another photo of Mr Puss from our evening in Dingli a couple weeks ago. I realise the Internet is full of cat photos, so I hope you won’t mind that I added a handful over the years. I can understand the fascination, as these little creatures can be an endless source of entertainment. This also brings me to … Continue reading Yawn

Mr Puss

Last weekend we headed out to Dingli for some night photography. Sensibly, we decided to head there a little early, catch the sunset for some late light photos, enjoy a picnic, and wait for the skies to darken. Light pollution is hard (read: impossible) to avoid on this island, and Dingli is one of the better places when you’re looking for a view to the … Continue reading Mr Puss


Sharing something a little unusual this week, from a walk in Balzan a few weeks ago. We were out for a walk and to take photos of a few chapels in the vicinity (two of which I’ve already shared). The narrow streets and overabundance of cars don’t make things easy when shooting architecture, so I was set up with my tripod just beside a parked … Continue reading Stray