Mġarr Church and Georgius Rex

Today is a public holiday in Malta – Jum il-Ħelsien, celebrating the withdrawal of British troops from the island in 1979, some years after the islands became independent. Perhaps it’s fitting that today’s throwback photo, from a walk I did almost two years ago, shows one of the many artefacts remaining from British rule in Malta. In this case it’s a marker with the initials … Continue reading Mġarr Church and Georgius Rex


I’m trying my best this week to get my schedule back on track. And that includes my blogging. While my more recent photos are still in my editing pile, I thought I’d share something from a few weeks ago, an end-of-the-year walk starting from Kunċizzjoni. As things worked out, by the end of my walk, the sun was almost setting and the light was glorious, … Continue reading Mosta

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction Over Lija Church

Taking a few moments to write a short blog post this morning to share a photo I took yesterday evening. If you haven’t looked up at the evening sky to see the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction don’t wait too long. They can be clearly seen with the naked eye, and if you have a pair of binoculars, the planets are easily identifiable. You also get to see … Continue reading Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction Over Lija Church


After what seems like forever (though in reality it’s only been about a month) I’m back with some actually recent photography. Last week we had a meeting, organised some time ago, with Heritage Malta, to take some drone photography of one of the sites they manage. This is a work project involving the use of drones for surveying heritage sites. We wanted to start with … Continue reading Mġarr