Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction Over Lija Church

Taking a few moments to write a short blog post this morning to share a photo I took yesterday evening. If you haven’t looked up at the evening sky to see the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction don’t wait too long. They can be clearly seen with the naked eye, and if you have a pair of binoculars, the planets are easily identifiable. You also get to see … Continue reading Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction Over Lija Church


After what seems like forever (though in reality it’s only been about a month) I’m back with some actually recent photography. Last week we had a meeting, organised some time ago, with Heritage Malta, to take some drone photography of one of the sites they manage. This is a work project involving the use of drones for surveying heritage sites. We wanted to start with … Continue reading Mġarr


Last week I finally got around to shooting a nearby small church that is still in regular use. I had visited this church before, with the intention of shooting it, but abandoned the idea when I realised I couldn’t find a suitable point of view. Trouble is, of course, that most of these chapels and small churches are situated on very narrow (and usually windy) … Continue reading Tal-Mirakli