Pool of Light on a Country Lane

Last week I processed another photo from an evening outing with R in Għargħur. I thought I’d share this today, while more recent photos wait in my pile of photos still to be processed. This was an unplanned photo, which I find often enough is the best way to approach photography, or at least the most rewarding. As we walked along the Victoria Lines, looking … Continue reading Pool of Light on a Country Lane

Madonna ta’ Hodegitria and Farm Buildings at Binġemma

So much for getting my schedule back on track. This week I’m again a bit late writing up this blog post to share some throwback photos. Some compensation is that I’m sharing two photos today, which are very much related to each other. Too much to deserve to be shared separately. Both photos are from an outing in Binġemma a little more than five years … Continue reading Madonna ta’ Hodegitria and Farm Buildings at Binġemma

Fields and Storage Sheds

Sharing another photo this week from the session in Għargħur about a month ago. Looking back I cannot believe how productive this one session was. My photography outings are few and far between right now, but thankfully the overall output hasn’t decreased as much. The former is mostly because I haven’t been walking much; the latter is because I’ve come to know some places really … Continue reading Fields and Storage Sheds

Clouds and Farm Building

Clouds and Farm Building. (Click on the photo for added detail.) Some things I just cannot understand. Why most tourists travel to Malta in summer – when there’s just too many people around and it’s too hot to do anything. And why most photos popularly thought as beautiful are taken within a short time of sunrise or sunset – sure the light can be great, … Continue reading Clouds and Farm Building