Starting this week with a quick photo I took at home earlier this month. It’s nothing complicated, just a collection of lovely flowers sitting on our kitchen island. Incidentally, the collection was large enough not to fit in either of our usual vases, so we used a water pitcher instead. The light is all natural, coming from the balcony door to the left, so shooting … Continue reading Flowers

Abandoned Car

Over the last few weeks I have been working on the photography side of the walking book project. This involves going through my now rather extensive catalogue of photos to find those that were taken from these walks, shortlisting those that are suitable as illustrations. In some cases this has been rather straightforward, simply a matter of finding the various outings in the area and … Continue reading Abandoned Car


Sometimes it feels like we’ve been forever in soft-lockdown. Maybe it’s just me quickly adjusting to life with less traffic and less contact with other people. At the same time it can feel like the whole change only happened yesterday, as in many ways we’re still adjusting to the consequences, particularly at work. So it feels weird to see the changes in the countryside that … Continue reading Xaħxieħ

Zunnarija Selvaġġa

Today’s photo, also from the series of flower photos from Wied il-Għasel last spring, shows inflorescences of the wild carrot, or Zunnarija Selvaġġa in Maltese (Daucus carota). This, too, is an indigenous plant, and commonly found in the garigue. These are really tiny flowers, but what intrigued me most, I think, is the shot of colour introduced by the deep purple anthers and reddish ovaries. … Continue reading Zunnarija Selvaġġa