Pool of Light on a Country Lane

Last week I processed another photo from an evening outing with R in Għargħur. I thought I’d share this today, while more recent photos wait in my pile of photos still to be processed. This was an unplanned photo, which I find often enough is the best way to approach photography, or at least the most rewarding. As we walked along the Victoria Lines, looking … Continue reading Pool of Light on a Country Lane


Today’s photo is, unusually, a portrait. Rather a simple one, from an outing Roberta and I did last week in Għargħur. It was one of the best kinds of outings, a spontaneous decision to pack a simple picnic and head up to Għargħur to eat it outside while watching the sun set. Followed by a short amble along the Victoria lines in the dark. A … Continue reading Roberta

New Routes at Monolith Buttress and Crucifix Cave

This write-up has been a long time coming. Far too long, in fact, given that I opened the ‘new’ routes almost two years ago. Unfortunately, unlike my earlier endeavours with Hendrik, these were only single lines on already well-established walls, so they ended up on the back burner. Here they are, though, finally seeing the light of day, in the hope that others will go … Continue reading New Routes at Monolith Buttress and Crucifix Cave

Waiting Out The Rain

I write this blog post after a while day assessing final year project reports for the two undergraduate degrees my department is involved in, so please bear with me. (File this under ‘writing while tired’.) It’s also raining outside, and the sky is a dull grey, which is not completely unexpected this time of year. In case you’re wondering, though, we’re still in shorts and … Continue reading Waiting Out The Rain

Santa Marija (ta’ Bernarda)

I recently got myself a wider ultra-wide lens, a Samyang 14mm f/2.8. It’s a fully-manual lens, which for my intended use is not an issue. Mostly I bought this because I want to experiment with night photography, something I haven’t often done. But which could give me another way to do some photography in summer. It’s not much wider than what I already had (at … Continue reading Santa Marija (ta’ Bernarda)