New Routes in Wied Anġlu

[This blog post follows the publication of the official new route information by the MCC.] Over the last few months, my friend Hendrik-Jan and I have been working on new routes in Wied Anġlu, the steep valley south-west of Għar San Brinkat, in Għargħur. The valley is home to a number of historical climbs, all in traditional style. Sadly, the only information on these routes … Continue reading New Routes in Wied Anġlu

Golden Light

This Thursday I’m sharing another photo from a session in Għargħur late last autumn. I am particularly fond of the evening light, especially after a storm in the cooler months of the year. In this case you can see in the foreground (in almost-silhouette) a cliff-face from the fault along run which the Victoria lines. Further back you can see the unmistakable profile of Mosta … Continue reading Golden Light

Lower Off

Today’s photo falls into that class of photos where for whatever reason I seem to find beauty in the mundane, the kind of thing that is often classified as an objet trouvé. Of course, I’m not generally thinking along those terms when I take the photo – rather, I’m just responding opportunistically to something that I like (or otherwise resonate with). This particular photo shows … Continue reading Lower Off