Climbing in Lapsi

Spring’s just started, and from a few weeks ago the weather has really taken a turn here. It’s not just that tee-shirts are mostly enough when out climbing, I even managed to get sunburnt a couple weeks ago. One barely realises, because the wind keeps things nice and cool, but let’s just say I’ve started packing my sunscreen already. So with that preamble, today I … Continue reading Climbing in Lapsi

Country Ride

Today I’m sharing a photo that couldn’t be planned for. In the sense that it’s very opportunistic. We were walking along the cliffs near Għargħur, cameras in hand, simply enjoying the view and the company, and taking photos as the muse inspires. I find that the late afternoon / early evening light, particularly in the cooler months, is always a joy and never really gets … Continue reading Country Ride

Autumn Sunset

Sunsets are a staple (well, ok, a cliché) in photography, everyone with a camera (which basically means everyone with a phone) will be snapping one at some point, often looking at the image with disappointment. Surely, it looked better in real life. Well, one can easily understand why the subject matter is so popular – there is something evocative about the light and the drama … Continue reading Autumn Sunset


Something different this week, in many ways. For starters it’s rather more recent than usual, having taken these photos only a couple weeks ago. I also decided to share these five photos as a series, as I don’t think it would make sense to share them separately. While each photo stands on its own (they were not meant to assemble a composite), they also make … Continue reading Clouds

Headlands and Coastal Tower near Lapsi

I was already preparing to share a different photo today. Another one taken on this same outing to Lapsi, after I was done with the long exposure and was playing around with the telephoto lens. Just like the one I shared last week, in fact. But then I realised that I had already mentioned this long exposure, so I didn’t want to put it off … Continue reading Headlands and Coastal Tower near Lapsi

Enjoying the Remains of the Day

Things have been busier than usual lately, so last week I didn’t keep up with my usual blogging schedule. As it’s a new week already, I’m sharing another recent photo from Malta. Almost three weeks ago I drove down to Lapsi after work, to enjoy the sunset and take a few photos. I meant to walk down ix-Xaqqa (literally ‘the crack’), but soon realised the … Continue reading Enjoying the Remains of the Day