Dismantled Archway

Squeezing in a few quick moments to share one last photo from an amble in Mdina last year. Anyone who likes the old-world charm of an ancient city would certainly enjoy Mdina. A particular fascination to me is the range of colourful and characterful doorways, so it’s no surprise that this is a common theme if you look for photography featuring this old city. I … Continue reading Dismantled Archway

Sant’ Antnin and Mdina

The next few throwback photos, including today’s, will feature chapels from the Maltese countryside, part of an ongoing (likely life-long) project to document this very characteristic part of our heritage. Today’s photo shows the chapel dedicated to Sant’ Antnin, below the walls of Mdina. The chapel is part of a disused cemetery, known as Ta’ l-Infetti, referring to its use for burying victims of the … Continue reading Sant’ Antnin and Mdina


Starting this week with another photo with the long lens from the evening session while waiting for the comet to show up. The subject this time is the old capital city Mdina, half silhouetted against the evening sky. Part of the bastions and the cathedral are lit at night (did I say before that we have lots of light pollution down here?). On a technical … Continue reading Mdina

19 20

For this film photography Friday post I’m sharing a photo which follows rather well from yesterday’s throwback. It’s rather odd how the this week’s throwback and film posts would both work equally well if swapped over. I took this photo over a year ago, on a walk with R in Mdina. It’s an old city, with many quaint streets and some really lovely (and imposing) … Continue reading 19 20