It’s getting to a point where the recent photos I’m sharing are not too far removed from the throwback ones. Mostly, of course, this is due to the inevitable fact that I tend to shoot much less over summer. And with the situation as it is, I haven’t been travelling either. Well, perhaps the former is not entirely true, but the photos I’ve taken recently … Continue reading Luna

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Grenoble

Over the last couple weeks I had the pleasure of visiting Grenoble again, for work. It was a longer than usual visit, combining a workshop on cultural and natural heritage (more about this in another post, soon I hope) and a research visit with our partners at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. This visit being in winter, we originally hoped to drive up to Chamonix … Continue reading Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Grenoble

Climbing with Hendrik-Jan

For today’s throwback post I thought I’d go back to the tail end of last year, and share some photos from a day out climbing with my good friend Hendrik-Jan. This was during the Christmas holidays, and on this particular day we were exploring some old trad routes in Lapsi. Specifically, we were looking at a section of cliff where the first known routes were … Continue reading Climbing with Hendrik-Jan