Sant’ Antnin and Mdina

The next few throwback photos, including today’s, will feature chapels from the Maltese countryside, part of an ongoing (likely life-long) project to document this very characteristic part of our heritage. Today’s photo shows the chapel dedicated to Sant’ Antnin, below the walls of Mdina. The chapel is part of a disused cemetery, known as Ta’ l-Infetti, referring to its use for burying victims of the … Continue reading Sant’ Antnin and Mdina

War Department Marker

This week I realised that I haven’t been shooting much since I stopped going on walks, when the weather became too warm for that kind of thing. So today’s recent photo goes back a couple months to my last walk, starting from Marsaskala. It shows another of those military markers, photos of which I’ve shared on this blog before. They’re usually instantly recognizable by the … Continue reading War Department Marker

Lija Cemetery Chapel

Among the many chapels that dot our countryside and old towns, several lie within cemeteries. The purpose of these chapels, of course, is very different. In most cases there is no regular service, and the chapel only sees very occasional use with most funerals involving fairly large gatherings (and therefore happening in a larger church). For obvious reasons, these small chapels tend to have a … Continue reading Lija Cemetery Chapel