Cliff-Top Walk

Today I’m back with another photo from the walk I did in Mtaħleb earlier this year. Past Miġra l-Ferħa a path continues along the cliff-top, with excellent views. Up ahead you can see the last stretch of Rdum tal-Vigarju, as it tapers towards il-Blata tal-Melħ. In the distance, the sun lights up Rdum ta’ Ċenċ in Gozo, and Xewkija church is prominent in the skyline. … Continue reading Cliff-Top Walk

Ras id-Dawwara

This week I’m continuing with a short series of natural landscape photos for my throwback post. Today’s and the next few are from one of my favourite walks, around Mtaħleb, that I did earlier this year. This shows a lovely inlet with sheer cliffs on all sides, which I had photographed before. Strangely, however, I had never published the wide view as one approaches the … Continue reading Ras id-Dawwara

Twelid tal-Verġni Marija

A week ago there was a mid-week public holiday in Malta, and I was rather looking forward to this, to unwind a bit before the new semester starts. As it happened, though, both my climbing partners were busy with other plans throughout that week. So instead of my usual climbing outings, I planned other things to do, including a couple walks in the countryside. One … Continue reading Twelid tal-Verġni Marija

Limestone Sea Cliff

For this week’s throwback post, I’m sharing a final image from a walk near Mtaħleb early this year. Unlike last week’s photos, in today’s I focused my attention on the limestone cliff face itself (on the other side of the inlet, of course). One can clearly see its unique erosion patterns and the very visible horizontal layers (limestone is a sedimentary rock, so it ‘grows’ … Continue reading Limestone Sea Cliff

Sea Cliff and Clouds

For this week’s throwback I’m sharing a photo from a walk and photography outing I did last winter. I started from Mtaħleb and walked down to Ras id-Dawwara. It was a very productive outing, and I have already shared other photos from this walk. I experimented a lot with the long telephoto, which I have since found to be very useful for isolating interesting bits … Continue reading Sea Cliff and Clouds