Lyme Park

I’m slowly catching up on photos to process from last year, so I’m sharing a couple from last year’s trip to the Lake District. We decided to spend the last day at Lyme Park, which we had visited some years earlier. This time, the weather was much nicer, so we spent time in the gardens and surrounding landscape. I also made a few photos, including … Continue reading Lyme Park


I thought I’d take a few minutes to share the last edited photo from Winkworth arboretum, last year. Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s another view of the azaleas by the steps that bear their name. What drew me to take this photo were the related but distinct colours of the different cultivars. I purposely kept the depth of field shallow to increase the effect of colour … Continue reading Azaleas

Lichen Covered Trunk

For this week’s throwback photo I’m sharing another one from Winkworth arboretum. Unlike last week’s photo, this one doesn’t have any flowers, instead focusing on one of the (shall we say) more permanent exhibits. In my mind there is something essentially British about a tree trunk or branch covered in moss or lichen. It screams of the humid and dark environment under the canopy in … Continue reading Lichen Covered Trunk

Wild Flowers

This week I’m sharing (a bit later than usual) another flower photo from last year’s visit to Winkworth arboretum. Today’s photo shows those mesmerising bluebells, this time in the company of some contrasting flowers: the pinkish Red Campion, and what I believe is White Campion. While the arboretum is (as the name obviously implies) a managed space, all three of these flowers grow wild in … Continue reading Wild Flowers

Azalea Steps

This week again I’m sharing a photo from Winkworth arboretum, when we visited Guildford last year. A prominent feature of this arboretum is the Azalea steps, leading down to the boat house. Best viewed when the azaleas are in bloom, of course, which was the case when we were there. We had been to Winkworth several times before, at various times of year, so it’s … Continue reading Azalea Steps


For this week’s throwback post I’m sharing a close-up photo of some bluebells from last year’s visit to Guildford. In fact, this is from the same meet-up with a couple of old friends at Winkworth arboretum, from which I’ve already shared many photos. I have done this subject before; in fact a photo from five years ago hangs at home. Sometimes, though, there is something … Continue reading Bluebells

Bluebell Wood

For this week’s throwback post I’m sharing a couple photos of bluebells in the wooded areas in Winkworth arboretum, Surrey. Over the years I have taken so many photos of bluebells in the woods that this year I didn’t even take one. I see no point in recreating photos I have already made, unless there is something sufficiently different or at least a belief that … Continue reading Bluebell Wood


For this week’s recent photo I’m sharing one from our visit to Guildford earlier this year. During the short time we spent there we met up with a couple of friends (and former colleagues of mine) at Winkworth arboretum. Both friends are also keen photographers, so we went geared up. I spent some time playing with the long telephoto, and towards the end of our … Continue reading Robin