Lately I’ve been using the macro lens rather more than usual. With flowers in abundance I guess it’s a good time to be doing so. I remember when I started with photography I really enjoyed using the telephoto lens as it allowed me to isolate a subject and focus on a particular detail in a scene. I still like the effect (commonly called “intimate landscapes”) … Continue reading Daisy

Quiet Time

This time of the year is always the most hectic; between assessments for the classes I teach and final year projects I supervise and/or examine, and other administrative duties, not much energy is left for anything else. This is, however, balanced by the weather generally improving and the day getting long enough for ‘evening’ to actually mean something. So today I’m sharing an image from … Continue reading Quiet Time

A Good Day for a Picnic

The last couple of weeks we’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather down by these parts. Knowing what it’s been like for the past couple of years, I’m afraid in a few weeks we’ll just realise that was our summer. Whoosh! and it’s gone. Still, if there’s one thing you’ll learn from the Brits, it’s that you’d better make the most of weather like this. So … Continue reading A Good Day for a Picnic

Change of Perspective

Following a less-than-ideal trip to the Peak District, we returned to a very sunny Surrey. Rather than drive any significant distance, it seemed more sensible to go back to an often-visited place nearby, and take a different path to what it seems I always take. There are two rather pretty trees, looking out from Newlands Corner towards the Albury Downs, that seem to feature in … Continue reading Change of Perspective