Għar il-Latnija

This week’s throwback photo is a rather special one. I made this on an afternoon walk around Qammieħ point at the tail end of last year. I remember the weather was a bit miserable, and I don’t think I did much in the way of photography. Certainly this was the only photo I processed, and mostly because I had been meaning to make a photo … Continue reading Għar il-Latnija

North West Cliff Lines and Gozo

Last week I shared a photo from an end-of-year walk starting from Kunċizzjoni. I had a particular photo in mind and I planned my walk accordingly, but as I already mentioned I made quicker progress than I thought, and arrived earlier than anticipated at the rocky outcrop known as Il-Qlejgħa. I could have waited for the sunset there, but I had already made a photo … Continue reading North West Cliff Lines and Gozo


Seeing I didn’t get chance to do this yesterday, I’m taking a few minutes today to share a quick post of a couple photos I took during a walk in Qammieħ a couple months ago. At Ras il-Qammieħ there’s a long fissure along a whole section of cliff that will eventually separate completely. I walked along this, paying attention to where I was placing my … Continue reading Fissures


I should really start this blog post with an errata. You see, this isn’t really a waymarker or a distance marker, the kind often found along old highways or public paths. I found out only recently it’s actually a perimeter marker or boundary stone, as used to demarcate property ownership, estates, principalities, etc. In this case it’s unmistakably a military marker from the British colonial … Continue reading Waymarkers