Crashing Waves at Tal-Blata

Combining my throwback and film photography posts again this week, with another photo from the same walk I mentioned last week. Indeed the two photos were taken not far from each other. This one, however, looks back to the underside of the cliffs we were walking along, with Qawra and Buġibba in the distance. There are some lovely spots for swimming in these parts, especially … Continue reading Crashing Waves at Tal-Blata

St Paul

Another quick post for this week’s throwback, sharing a photo from a photography session in Qawra last winter. It feels so long ago that I had to check which session this was – as it turns out this was when I went with my long telephoto to take some photos of the rising (eclipsed) moon. As dusk fell I also looked in the opposite direction … Continue reading St Paul

Pirate Ship

Today I’m sharing two very related photos from a session near Qawra point a few weeks ago. They’re two variations on a theme, involving a charter sailing boat at sunset. (For the curious, this is the Fernandes II, registered in Malta. Like many other similar boats it’s generally chartered for events, the kind of floating parties that have become popular over the last few years.) … Continue reading Pirate Ship