Stormy Skies and Crepuscular Rays

Today is a national holiday in Malta, on the anniversary of the country becoming a republic in 1974 (with a more amicable separation from the Queen than what happened in France on formation of the first republic). Judging from what’s going on in the country, though, one can almost expect something similar to happen here. In any case, I thought I’d write a blog post … Continue reading Stormy Skies and Crepuscular Rays

Crepuscular Rays

Sometimes photography is rather technical. My photos of the many chapels on the Maltese islands easily fits into that category, with the use of lens movements, tripods, filters, etc. I rather enjoy that process, perhaps because of its technicality. But not all photography is like that. Sometimes it’s really just a matter of being observant, finding those aesthetically pleasing vignettes and reacting with the camera. … Continue reading Crepuscular Rays

Moorland Path on Bowscale Fell

My first ‘proper’ walk in the Lake District last year was a round circuit up Bowscale fell, starting from Mungrisdale. Weather was lovely, if a bit windy in exposed areas, and I really enjoyed this walk. I remember a feeling of isolation in this whole area (it’s on the back side of Blencathra), although the drive to get there was rather short. The start of … Continue reading Moorland Path on Bowscale Fell

Tree Grove

Today I’m sharing the final photo from the series taken at Mtaħleb late last year. With this done, there’s only a few left from climbing sessions over Christmas, and then it’s photos from 2017 with the walk down to Ras il-Ħamrija earlier this month. Of course, there’s also a significant backlog of photos to process, some going back a few years. Though there’s a point … Continue reading Tree Grove

View from Crucifix Cave

One of the advantages of living in a small country is that things are generally within easy distance. I say this with one caveat: I’ve come to measure distance here in terms of how much traffic I expect to meet. Especially lately with all the roadwork and other ‘development’ projects that have sprung up. So it’s with particular pleasure that I note how close I … Continue reading View from Crucifix Cave