A few days ago I came across an article on a photography magazine website about some photography lecturer who did not allow their students to use the kit lenses that came with their cameras, under the arguable premise that they’re poor quality. Yeah, I know, if I only had a dollar for every time I heard that statement. The article went to great lengths to … Continue reading Ċikwejra

Clouded Yellow Butterfly

This week I’m returning to my last proper walk this year, in Miżieb, right after the spring hunting season closed. The photo shows another butterfly, this time a clouded yellow butterfly (Colias croceus), or so I believe. The plant it’s resting on is a large blue alkanet (Anchusa italica), known in Maltese as Lsien il-fart ikħal. This butterfly proved rather tricky to capture, as it … Continue reading Clouded Yellow Butterfly

Male Sardinian Warbler

Today I’m sharing another photo from a walk I did a few weeks ago in Miżieb, soon after the spring hunting season was over. For whatever reason, this year I seem more attuned to the natural environment when spending time in the countryside. I’m slowly getting used to the different birds, butterflies, and bats that I cross paths with, and for the first time I’m … Continue reading Male Sardinian Warbler