Sant’ Andrija u l-Mitħna tax-Xarolla

This week’s throwback is a double feature, with photos of the chapel dedicated to Sant’ Andrija and the nearby Mitħna tax-Xarolla, from a walk in the Żurrieq area last year. Starting from town, I passed by these landmarks and another nearby chapel on my way out, and returned through secluded Wied il-Bassasa and a route along the sea cliffs. The chapels and the windmill had … Continue reading Sant’ Andrija u l-Mitħna tax-Xarolla


Starting this week with a quick photo I took at home earlier this month. It’s nothing complicated, just a collection of lovely flowers sitting on our kitchen island. Incidentally, the collection was large enough not to fit in either of our usual vases, so we used a water pitcher instead. The light is all natural, coming from the balcony door to the left, so shooting … Continue reading Flowers