Pool of Light on a Country Lane

Last week I processed another photo from an evening outing with R in Għargħur. I thought I’d share this today, while more recent photos wait in my pile of photos still to be processed. This was an unplanned photo, which I find often enough is the best way to approach photography, or at least the most rewarding. As we walked along the Victoria Lines, looking … Continue reading Pool of Light on a Country Lane


Today’s photo is, unusually, a portrait. Rather a simple one, from an outing Roberta and I did last week in Għargħur. It was one of the best kinds of outings, a spontaneous decision to pack a simple picnic and head up to Għargħur to eat it outside while watching the sun set. Followed by a short amble along the Victoria lines in the dark. A … Continue reading Roberta


I’m starting this week with a very simple photo, from an outing a few weeks ago to photograph the full moon rising from Tigné point, Sliema. Just before packing up, with the 1.4x teleconverter still fitted on the 150-600mm lens, I pointed the camera in the direction of the moon itself. I also enabled the 1.6x crop factor on the camera itself (intended to allow … Continue reading Luna

Moonrise Over Breakwater Lighthouse

Last week I spent some time editing the photos from the photography session down in Sliema earlier this month. The whole idea behind the session was to photograph the full moon rising behind the Grand Harbour breakwater and its lighthouse. I have a series of photos of this event, starting from just after sunset, until well into nautical twilight. My favourite photos were the ones … Continue reading Moonrise Over Breakwater Lighthouse

Sliema from Tigné Point

Earlier this month I headed down to Sliema, meeting a friend for an evening photography session. Moonrise was projected just after sunset, and its angle was not much different from a month ago, of course. The weather forecast was not too promising, with a significant risk of clouds on the horizon to obscure the view, and possible showers, but we decided to chance it anyway. … Continue reading Sliema from Tigné Point


For someone who considers himself a photographer, it is troubling how few photos I have of the most important people in my life. One would be inclined to think that the more time one spends with a particular person, the greater the number of photos one would have of said person. Unfortunately, the relationship is far from linear. Indeed, it might even be an inverse … Continue reading Roberta