Kappella ta’ San Pawl Eremita

Sharing another photo from a climbing outing in Wied il-Għasel earlier this month. Actually, like the photo I shared last week, I took this while waiting for my climbing partner to arrive, and before heading down the valley. Readers of this blog will have seen this very particular chapel, dedicated to St Paul the Hermit, several times already, and will no doubt recognise it. As … Continue reading Kappella ta’ San Pawl Eremita


Starting this week with another photo with the long lens from the evening session while waiting for the comet to show up. The subject this time is the old capital city Mdina, half silhouetted against the evening sky. Part of the bastions and the cathedral are lit at night (did I say before that we have lots of light pollution down here?). On a technical … Continue reading Mdina

Hendrik Leading Skappatura Trad

I must say I haven’t been doing much photography lately, so this week’s recent photo goes back a couple of months to a climbing session in Blind Cave / Garbage Wall on the Victoria Lines. I have already shared a few photos from this session, if you want to take a look. This time the photos are of my friend Hendrik-Jan leading the route Skappatura … Continue reading Hendrik Leading Skappatura Trad


I thought I’d start this week with another photo of Mr Puss from our evening in Dingli a couple weeks ago. I realise the Internet is full of cat photos, so I hope you won’t mind that I added a handful over the years. I can understand the fascination, as these little creatures can be an endless source of entertainment. This also brings me to … Continue reading Yawn

San Andrija

Today I thought I’d share a photo of another chapel in Mosta. This was a rather tricky one to get to, as the neighbouring roads seem to be all planned to discourage anyone from getting in. Pretty much every direction I tried, roads were either no-entry or no-entry except for residents. In the end, with the light already failing, I just parked the car and … Continue reading San Andrija

Mr Puss

Last weekend we headed out to Dingli for some night photography. Sensibly, we decided to head there a little early, catch the sunset for some late light photos, enjoy a picnic, and wait for the skies to darken. Light pollution is hard (read: impossible) to avoid on this island, and Dingli is one of the better places when you’re looking for a view to the … Continue reading Mr Puss