Overlooking the Port Entrance

As Christmas approaches, and my work duties are done for what remains of this year, I find myself looking back at what remains to be shared from this year’s photography. Surprisingly, there’s quite a lot. For a year where I was basically continually frustrated with how little I was out shooting, there’s more than I could hope for. Travel helped, and in particular I have … Continue reading Overlooking the Port Entrance

Koules Fortress

While in Heraklion earlier this summer we visited Koules fortress, also known as the Rocca a Mare or Castello a Mare, which used to guard the port entrance in Venetian times. (It’s still there, of course, by the port entrance, but it no longer serves as a military installation.) It’s an impressive structure, with really thick walls and many stations for artillery. The long embrasures … Continue reading Koules Fortress

Pigeons in Front of St Minas

On this relaxed afternoon of a national holiday (Malta celebrates its independence today) I thought I’d write a few lines to share another photo from the visit to Heraklion earlier this summer. It suddenly feels so long ago, as the interminable heat of the Maltese summer is slowly ebbing. There was a fresh breeze this morning, even in the valley where we held our climbing … Continue reading Pigeons in Front of St Minas

Church of St Catherine Side Chapel Ceiling

I’m down to the last few photos from the visit to Crete earlier this summer, and today I’m sharing the last photo from a church interior (at least from the set I’ve processed). This time, however, this is from a church that has been repurposed, very fittingly, as a museum of Christian art. We spent an enjoyable afternoon in this museum, with a varied collection … Continue reading Church of St Catherine Side Chapel Ceiling

Icon in Church of St Titus

Writing an early post today to share another photo from the visit to Heraklion earlier this summer. Another from a church interior, as it turns out, this time focusing on an icon that I believe is dedicated to the eponymous saint. I quickly realised that the presence of these icons, on entering the nave, is a common feature of Orthodox churches. Many have silver offerings … Continue reading Icon in Church of St Titus

St Minas Cathedral Ceiling

  This week I’m sharing a detail from the interior of St Minas Cathedral in Heraklion. The ceiling is ornately decorated, dominated by an image of Christ Pantocrator in the dome, surrounded by angels and saints. The rest of the ceiling is divided into frames, each depicting a scene from the life of Christ. The chandelier is also decorated with icons of the saints. I’m … Continue reading St Minas Cathedral Ceiling