Kappella ta’ San Pawl Eremita

Sharing another photo from a climbing outing in Wied il-Għasel earlier this month. Actually, like the photo I shared last week, I took this while waiting for my climbing partner to arrive, and before heading down the valley. Readers of this blog will have seen this very particular chapel, dedicated to St Paul the Hermit, several times already, and will no doubt recognise it. As … Continue reading Kappella ta’ San Pawl Eremita


I think I have finally reached the last (plant) photo from that very productive session in Wied il-Għasel last spring. This plant took me a while to identify, because it looks so similar to other wild herbs in the mint family. (Or in other words, I hope I got this right.) Today’s plant is the Olive-leaved Germander, known in maltese as Żebbuġija (Teucrium fruticans). It … Continue reading Żebbuġija


Wild fennel is found throughout the Maltese islands. Some varieties grow several meters in length. They smell amazing, just like the edible variety whose seeds go so well with roast potatoes. Regular readers of this blog will have seen a number of photos of fennel over the years, usually when they’re flowering. This time, I focused on the collection of fruits in the flower-head (after … Continue reading Bużbież

Zunnarija Selvaġġa

Today’s photo, also from the series of flower photos from Wied il-Għasel last spring, shows inflorescences of the wild carrot, or Zunnarija Selvaġġa in Maltese (Daucus carota). This, too, is an indigenous plant, and commonly found in the garigue. These are really tiny flowers, but what intrigued me most, I think, is the shot of colour introduced by the deep purple anthers and reddish ovaries. … Continue reading Zunnarija Selvaġġa