This week’s throwback post takes us back to late winter this year, and a walk starting from the cliffs at Dingli and heading down through Fawwara. I already shared photos of the other chapel in the small hamlet of Fawwara. This one, too, proves to be rather tricky to photograph due to the very limited viewpoints. Those who are interested will find details about this … Continue reading Lunzjata

Lunzjata and Laferla Cross

For this week’s throwback I’m starting with photos from another walk I did last winter, in the countryside around Fawwara and Girgenti, in the outskirts of Siġġiewi. The high point of the walk was a steep hill, at the top of which there’s the Laferla Cross and the nearby chapel of the Annunciation (Lunzjata in Maltese). The cross is a well-known landmark in the area, … Continue reading Lunzjata and Laferla Cross

Sant’ Antnin and Mdina

The next few throwback photos, including today’s, will feature chapels from the Maltese countryside, part of an ongoing (likely life-long) project to document this very characteristic part of our heritage. Today’s photo shows the chapel dedicated to Sant’ Antnin, below the walls of Mdina. The chapel is part of a disused cemetery, known as Ta’ l-Infetti, referring to its use for burying victims of the … Continue reading Sant’ Antnin and Mdina

San Pietru

Continuing where I left off last week, the photo I’m sharing today shows another chapel in Lija, dedicated to St Peter. This chapel sits very close to the new parish church (and the old one too, for that matter). The adjacent building, now connected to the chapel, belongs to the Dominican Sisters, who now manage a home for the elderly at the site. The chapel … Continue reading San Pietru

Knisja tal-Viżitazzjoni

I’m continuing this throwback series with another chapel photo from my ongoing project, this time from a walk along Wied Qirda and Wied Ħanżir last winter. It wasn’t the first time I walked this way, so I knew about the chapel but had not photographed it before. So this time I took appropriate photography gear with me. The chapel, dedicated to the Visitation of Our … Continue reading Knisja tal-Viżitazzjoni