Distant Rain

For this week’s throwback photo I’m sharing two very related photos from a walk in Lapsi last autumn. After a few weeks of rather hot weather, just looking at these photos and reliving those moments brings some relief. With rain on the forecast all that weekend, we scrapped any climbing plans and instead headed out for a walk in the afternoon. We started rather late, … Continue reading Distant Rain

Crashing Waves at Ras Ħanżir

It was a bit windy again this weekend, and on Saturday, with my climbing plans scuppered, I drove down to Lapsi for some photography. My intention was simple: to continue to work on capturing the sense of the raging sea in a winter storm. I find this subject rather challenging, at every level. Even technically it’s not straight-forward, as I often find it difficult to … Continue reading Crashing Waves at Ras Ħanżir