San Martin ta’ Tours

With the weather cooling down somewhat over the last few weeks, I have finally started again on those pursuits that just don’t seem to work in the summer months. Walking I already mentioned last week. Another is photography, of course, and in this case it’s about the continuation of my long-term project involving chapels and small churches. On a fine evening last week, Roberta and … Continue reading San Martin ta’ Tours

Pirate Ship

Today I’m sharing two very related photos from a session near Qawra point a few weeks ago. They’re two variations on a theme, involving a charter sailing boat at sunset. (For the curious, this is the Fernandes II, registered in Malta. Like many other similar boats it’s generally chartered for events, the kind of floating parties that have become popular over the last few years.) … Continue reading Pirate Ship

Autumn Sunset

Sunsets are a staple (well, ok, a cliché) in photography, everyone with a camera (which basically means everyone with a phone) will be snapping one at some point, often looking at the image with disappointment. Surely, it looked better in real life. Well, one can easily understand why the subject matter is so popular – there is something evocative about the light and the drama … Continue reading Autumn Sunset


Something different this week, in many ways. For starters it’s rather more recent than usual, having taken these photos only a couple weeks ago. I also decided to share these five photos as a series, as I don’t think it would make sense to share them separately. While each photo stands on its own (they were not meant to assemble a composite), they also make … Continue reading Clouds