This week’s throwback post takes us back to late winter this year, and a walk starting from the cliffs at Dingli and heading down through Fawwara. I already shared photos of the other chapel in the small hamlet of Fawwara. This one, too, proves to be rather tricky to photograph due to the very limited viewpoints. Those who are interested will find details about this … Continue reading Lunzjata

Salt Pans

For this week’s recent photo I’m sharing another from last week’s walk. The latter half of the walk started along the rocky coastline near Il-Qala t-Tawwalija. As I approached the well-known St Peter’s Pool I passed some salt pans carved into the rock, and decided this was the perfect opportunity for some photography. I set up with my tripod and played around with my filters … Continue reading Salt Pans

Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni Immakulata

The days are clearly getting longer now, and last week I managed to pop out for some photography one day after work. I had plans to shoot a couple of chapels in nearby Mosta, so I headed out just before the worst of the traffic started. The photos I’m sharing today are from the second one I visited, the chapel dedicated to the Immaculate Conception … Continue reading Kappella tal-Kunċizzjoni Immakulata

Tower and Veiled Moon

It probably didn’t escape your notice (read: unless you live in a cave without an Internet connection) that there was a lunar eclipse yesterday. While all lunar eclipses are largely the same (so if you see one, you’ve basically seen them all), this one was particularly interesting because in my part of the world totality would happen just before sunrise (and moonset). This makes it … Continue reading Tower and Veiled Moon