Clay Slopes

Clay Slopes. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Last week has been a rather unusual one, with me going out on two walks. Yesterday I found myself without climbing partners, with my usual buddy having to cancel our plans as he was nursing a bum knee. So I made a last-minute decision to head out to Mġarr for a walk to Lippija tower and down through Ġnejna and Karraba. Half of this walk is rather involved, with steep paths on the clay slopes and narrow slopy sections where a fall is to be avoided. I also know from prior experience that the clay gets very muddy and sticky after the rain. So it was with some trepidation that I headed down towards Ġnejna in very strong winds and a bit of rain, hoping against hope that there was not enough rain to significantly affect the clay, and that the lower part of the walk was more sheltered from the wind.

I took my small camera with me, and also managed to process the photos in the evening, so today I can share the first of this series. What you see is Karraba bay and the clay slopes above, and a bit of the Lippija cliff line. It’s a fantastic area, with the secluded bay only reachable from the sea or after an involved (if short) trek. In warmer months it’s a known nudist beach, for obvious reasons.

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