Crashing Waves at Il-Majjistral

Crashing Waves at Il-Majjistral. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

A few weeks ago we organised a walk for our (small) research group, which turns out to be an excellent way to be able to have a chat and connect with people. We chose to do the loop at Il-Majjistral, starting from Manikata, as we knew it would not be muddy even after the recent rains. However, one of our group thought it would be nice to walk down to the shoreline, and everyone else seemed happy to oblige, so down we went. Unfortunately, the last stretch of that included a clay soil, which of course not only gets muddy, but retains it for quite a while. Good thing I had changed into my walking boots before we set off. On the upside, the location is great, and it was also a good test piece to see how everyone handles the conditions.

I had taken my small mirrorless camera with me, and I did snap a few photos. The one I’m sharing today shows the waves crashing into the rocky shoreline below the cliffs. In the distance, the headland on the right is the west side of Marfa ridge (Qammieħ point), while the white cliffs in the centre are Gozo’s Ta’ Ċenċ cliffs. In case you were wondering, we did take a group photo at the bottom, as well. Self-timers do still come in handy.

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