Lija Fireworks 2022

Lija Fireworks 2022. (Watch in fullscreen for the highest resolution, up to 4K.)

It has been a very long time since I shared any video on this blog. This is not really surprising as I don’t shoot much video to begin with. Yet I keep telling myself that I should do more video. I already have all the gear, and recent cameras have improved the whole video experience to the point where really the only thing missing is the work involved on my part. And that’s just it – shooting and editing a decent video sequence involves a ton of work, and until I get the workflow down to something manageable, I don’t really see myself doing much of this.

In any case, last weekend we had the annual village feast in our part of the country. And after two years of very diminished celebrations due to COVID, this summer it has seemed like the whole country is out with a vengeance. So if I say that the fireworks display in Lija was big, I mean that this year it really seemed like St Michael’s Fireworks had money to burn.

So I took the chance to experiment again with fireworks photography and video, which I had not done in ages. And yesterday I dedicated some time to play around with OpenShot to see what the workflow would involve. The result is this video, showing the final sequence of four from the main fireworks display of the week: that on the eve of the feast. The video was shot and edited in 4K resolution, so watch this in fullscreen for the highest resolution.

As a sidenote for those who may be interested in the technical stuff, I must say I am very satisfied with the process of working with OpenShot. As a video editor it seems to do everything I need. Clearly it’s much more limited than Blender, which is what I normally use, but it makes up for this with a much more streamlined workflow, and a much softer learning curve. I can see myself using this for the simpler cases, leaving blender for the more complex edits.

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