Daisy (2133)

Lately I’ve been using the macro lens rather more than usual. With flowers in abundance I guess it’s a good time to be doing so. I remember when I started with photography I really enjoyed using the telephoto lens as it allowed me to isolate a subject and focus on a particular detail in a scene. I still like the effect (commonly called “intimate landscapes”) but I haven’t been too satisfied with my recent attempts, mostly due to technical issues. I find that using a macro provides a very similar experience, except that one must be much closer to the subject.

I took this photo on a recent visit to Newlands corner. Daisies are rather small, but they seem to burst with happiness. The summer countryside would not be the same without them. Technically, the trickiest thing I find with macro shots is to get the focus right. I took this particular photo handheld, and to make sure focus was just right I used the live view at a decent magnification on the critical area. Also, since I was so close, the depth of field was really shallow, so I had to narrow the aperture quite a bit to get the effect I was after. Post processing was very simple, involving only the use of curves layers to adjust exposure and contrast.

Click on the photo for a larger version; comments welcome, and of course feel free to share the link.

If you’ve made it this far into the post, I have something to ask of you. I’m sure you’ve realised that I generally divide my photo posts in two: a first section with some context to the photo, and a second with some technical details. I suppose the latter are only really of interest to other technically minded folk, so I’m not sure if they bother everyone else. I would appreciate if you tell me what you think.


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