Clouds and Farm Building

Clouds and Farm Building (3258)

Clouds and Farm Building. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Some things I just cannot understand. Why most tourists travel to Malta in summer – when there’s just too many people around and it’s too hot to do anything. And why most photos popularly thought as beautiful are taken within a short time of sunrise or sunset – sure the light can be great, but it’s hardly unusable at other times.

For the former, I can only say that the weather recently has been what most people would call rubbish. I cannot remember so many consecutive gloomy days here. And it’s been raining a fair amount. Now that’s not surprising for February in these parts. Still, this weekend and the one before I’ve been on some of the most enjoyable walking so far. The photo I’m sharing today is from a week ago. The walk was muddy and fun, mostly around the fields and farm buildings in the vicinity of Burmarrad. And when the sky cleared we were treated to some dramatic clouds.

As far as the latter, what can I say? I enjoy the pale light of dawn and the golden light of sunset as much as any other guy. But then meals are not made only of desserts.

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