Sunset at Il-Majjistral

Sunset at Majjistral. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

This will most likely be the last post for the year, so I thought I’d end with a sunset photo I took at the end of spring this year, on a walk at Il-Majjistral. Now I know, sunset photos are a bit cliché (more than a bit, really). Still, when you live in a place where you can count on this kind of display on an almost-daily basis, you have to count your blessings.

It proved to be a tricky photo; I had to reprocess the photo today as I wasn’t happy with what I had – it just kept looking too dark. In a way it still does, though much of that is because it’s surrounded by lots of white on the web page. Against a neutral mid-tone background it comes across much better. I’m curious to see how it comes out in print – if I get to print this large, I’ll need to run some smaller proofs to see what further editing may be needed.

So with that, here’s hoping you had a good year (despite all that’s happening in the world), and best wishes for the new one about to start.


4 thoughts on “Sunset at Il-Majjistral

  1. Very apt photo and thanks for showing us a wonderful area yesterday that we wouldn’t have found otherwise. Look forward to more exploration in future years.

    1. Thanks Nick, it was a pleasure! In our first year back I found there’s more to discover than I expected. So here’s to more exploration to come!

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