Knisja tal-Viżitazzjoni

Knisja tal-Viżitazzjoni. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

I’m continuing this throwback series with another chapel photo from my ongoing project, this time from a walk along Wied Qirda and Wied Ħanżir last winter. It wasn’t the first time I walked this way, so I knew about the chapel but had not photographed it before. So this time I took appropriate photography gear with me.

The chapel, dedicated to the Visitation of Our Lady to St Elizabeth, dates back to the 17th century, and it is clear that a chapel had existed in the same location for more than a hundred years already. The chapel seems to be in good repair, following a recent restoration by Żebbuġ parish. It has several interesting details, and those who would like to know more would do well to visit the article at Kappelli Maltin (in Maltese).

I really enjoy the slower process of making these photos with the tilt-shift lens, it just feels less rushed and more deliberate. In this particular case, I found that my 24mm lens wasn’t really wide enough for my preferred composition – I did expose a few frames with various options, but wasn’t quite satisfied. As I don’t have a wider (say 17mm) tilt-shift, I planned a composition using two exposures to capture a larger part of the lens’ image circle – the really nice thing about lens shift is that there is no parallax error or perspective change between the two component photos, as the image projection does not change.

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