North West Coast Line

North West Coast Line. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Today I’m sharing a final photo from the walk around Qammieħ point that I did last year. This one is at the start of the stairs leading down the cliffs, with much of the north west coast visible ahead, starting with the cliffs at Iċ-Ċumnija, with the waste water treatment plant just beyond them on the left of the frame. Beyond, and hidden by Ras in-Neixfa, is the narrow inlet of Il-Prajjet (known also as Anchor Bay, with the set of the old Popeye movie). The bulk of Rdum id-Delli and Rdum Majjiesa lead up to Ras il-Waħx – much of this is the sea border of Il-Majjistral park. In the distance, finally, is the high ground of Ras il-Pellegrin, near Baħrija.

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