Kappella tal-Isperanza

Kappella tal-Isperanza (4581)
Kappella tal-Isperanza. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

Busy season continues, and this weekend didn’t amount to much. We had some important errands to run on Saturday, and by Sunday I was so tired out I cancelled my planned climbing. I mean, the weather was beautifully windy, sunny, with lots of clouds, in other words perfect photography weather, and I didn’t even go take some photos. Figure that. I was thinking about this yesterday, just how often the weather here is almost perfect for photography. So much that you can count on it. So much that you become a bit complacent, thinking ‘I can always do this another day’. I find it takes me more effort here to go out and take photos than it used to in the UK. Perhaps there I was more concerned about not losing opportunities that could not come every day.

Well, today I’m sharing something I did rather recently. I went out on Good Friday, as a matter of fact, to take some photos of nearby chapels. I came back with two that I was rather happy with. The one I’m sharing today is of the 18th century Speranza Chapel in Mosta, which is still in regular use. You can read about the legend tied to this chapel on Wikipedia’s page on Mosta. The space in front was recently refurbished, together with the adjoining road.

5 thoughts on “Kappella tal-Isperanza

  1. Having recently moved to Malta, I’m enjoying the glimpses of the island that you’ve shared here, Johann. For being such a small country, there sure is a lot worth exploring!

    1. Thanks Tricia! There really is much to explore, more than I thought possible. Hope you enjoy your time here!

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